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MOA Instrumentation, Inc.
Optical Emission Spectrometry
for Metals and Fuel Analysis

About MOA Instrumentation, Inc.

Optical emission spectrometers for elemental analysis of oil and fuel

As a company, MOA Instrumentation, Inc. was formed to better serve the needs of military and civilian oil analysis laboratories.

Oil Analysis Instrumentation

MOA Instrumentation, Inc. is a U.S. based analytical instruments company founded to develop and manufacture a superior rotating-anode emission spectrometer. Our scientists and engineers have vast experience in the oil analysis and atomic spectroscopy industry and have collectively pioneered many analytical innovations.

Legacy Instrument Service and Support

Decades of experience in the Optical Emission Spectroscopy marketplace, coupled with a staff descendant from leagacy companies, allows us to provide service and support unavailable elsewhere. MOA Instrumentation can help keep your BAIRD and Jarrell Ash OE instrumentation in service for many years to come.